Female African warrior, standing confidently with spear in hand

Intersectional Superheroes with C.B. Lee

C.B. Lee and I take a deep dive into intersectionality, Asian diaspora characters, bisexual erasure, and whitewashing. Plus, superheroes – all the superheroes!

You can keep up with Carrie at cb-lee.com, on Twitter at @author_cblee, or on Instagram at @cblee_cblee. Her books are NOT YOUR SIDEKICK, NOT YOUR VILLAIN, and SEVEN TEARS AT HIGH TIDE.

I’m on Twitter at @Brianna_daSilva, and I host the monthly #FemalesinFantasy chat at @femalesnfantasy. Become a co-creator at patreon.com/femalesinfantasy for bonus content, a chance to shape the show, and access to an exclusive online book club!

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